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Movie Sounds II
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A kickass Clint speech from "HeartBreak Ridge"

heartbreak ridge.wav     282kb

The next 6 files feature the sergeant from "Full Metal Jacket" they are all worth hearing if you have not heard them before.

fmjgiveme25.wav     38kb

fmjneck.wav     108kb

fmjscumbag.wav     37kb

fmjsister.wav     38kb

fmjwhosaid.wav     91kb

major mal..wav     37kb

"You weak pathetic fool" really good clarity

fool.wav     58kb

The famous theme from "the good ,the bad and the ugly" that everyone thinks they can whistle

gbu.mp3     85kb

2 wavs from "Tombstone" featuring  Doc Holliday. The I'm your huckleberry wav works great as an online contact event sound in your instant messenger.

hellsay.wav     28kb

huckleberry.wav     11kb

Chris Tucker from "Friday"

knockout.wav     45kb

2 more Clint wavs the second of which is one of his greatest lines ever from "The Outlaw Josey Wales"

limitations.WAV     48kb

living.wav     89kb