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I am hoping that this will eventually be my largest page but for the time being it is probably going to be the smallest. I guess I have a lot of work to do huh.

I guess we will start with the Rock. He is not my favorite wrestler but he can work the mic like no other.

The Rock telling Shane to suck on a monkeys nipple and telling Vince to lick a llamas anus.

rock1.wav   95kb

The Rock mimicking WCW wrestlers (long download but a must hear)

rock6.wav   565kb

Layeth the smacketh down...

rocklayeth.mp3   76kb

Now onto the undisputed king of the stick BIG POPPA PUMP

Just a megamix of great BPP quotes

poppa pump.mp3   73kb

" taking canday from a babay"

poppa pump2.mp3   30kb

BBP telling Hogan how it is

poppa pump 3.mp3   32kb

The Nature Boy talkin it up like only he can

flair001.wav   111kb

Raven's catchphrase-I use this sound to empty my recycle bin 

ravenwhat.wav   70kb

Mean Gene makes a little blunder

gene1.wav   22kb

Speaking of little listen to what Jesse Ventura had to say about Hogan

little hogan.wav   89kb