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Movie Sounds III
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Another clip from "Dumb and Dumber"

loser.wav     46kb

Agent Smith from "The Matrix" this clip works really well as an error sound

mach. job.wav     33kb

Neo from "The Matrix" my favorite line to start windows with

matrix191.WAV     120kb

John Malkovich in "Rounders" what a great character

mrsob.wav     47kb

The THX sound

movie sounds/thx.mp3     258kb

Another Clint wav I think its from "Heartbreak Ridge"

toagreeable.WAV     48kb

"warriors come out to playayay, WARRIORS COME OUT TO PLAYAYAY....."

warriors.mp3     366kb

Gary Oldman from "True Romance"

whiteboy.wav     192kb

Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer"

yesterday.wav     40kb