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dicebopeep.wav     59kb                                              diceoldmutha.wav   56kb

dicehickory.wav      62kb                                             dicejackbe.wav     53kb

b&b crackin butt.wav    35kb                                      b&b thank you.wav   32kb

b&b peckerbutt.wav     13kb                                      b&b-funny.wav   106kb

beavfart.wav    95kb                                                   feelcool.wav   42kb

heybaby.wav    17kb                                              huh.wav   14kb

tattoo.wav   33kb                                                        whatdork.wav   8kb

you dumbass.wav   11kb

Homer Simpson

boobies.wav   16kb               dohecho.wav   31kb                inteldoh.wav  44kb


More Funny Stuff

This is a promo for Nat. Baked Beans month

bakebean3.wav   76kb

Boomhauer's rant about that dang ol' internet (from King of the Hill)

click.wav   107kb

 A really good E-mail alert featuring Krusty the Clown

kmail1.wav   18kb