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First off this is not a representation of my musical taste but more a collection of songs that are good for windows events or songs that my friends and I like to hear for a laugh. I hope to eventually post songs that reflect my taste in music but I just have not had the time to create mp3 song clips from my CD collection. Check back often because I hope to get started on that soon.


A song clip that pretty much explains why I am creating this site

2muchtime.wav   176kb

My friends and I could here one clip of this song and just start laughing uncontrollably

bigmouth strikes again.mp3   142kb

CCR " I see some trouble on the way"                                                                     

ccr02.wav   36kb

The all time greatest shut down windows music

doors end.wav   370kb

James Brown

i feel good.wav   45kb

here is a song that me and my buddy SilentStriker would here and we would just get jacked (well we were in high school then)

james-laid.mp3   418kb

Remember this from the movie "Christine"

keepknoc.mp3   291kb

The coolest part of an otherwise crappy LB song

LB rollin.mp3   67kb

I know its been 6.5 years since his death but Kurt Cobain is a rock and roll GOD who's shadow still looms over the music world today. Here is a clip from "verse chorus verse" the hidden song on the No Alternative CD.

versechorusverse[1].mp3   442kb

"welcome back my friends to the show that never ends" great start up music or you can apply it to when you open media player (thats where I use it)

WBMF[1].wav   89kb

Another song I would get jacked up about when I was in high school (this was definitely one of my early years in HS , before the Grunge revolution)

soalive2.mp3   279kb

I know it has been said before but it really is a shame Brad Nowell died so soon.

ronjeremy.wav   46kb

I'm not much of a Who fan but I do like this line " I call that a bargain....."

who03.wav   66kb