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Misc. Sounds
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I'll start with these 3 wavs which all are from the batman genre of cartoons. All 3 are opening themes to various batman cartoons

batman.wav  135kb        batmanbeyond.wav  146kb         batsup97.wav    146kb

Remember this one

capcav01.wav   46kb

ESPN Sportscenter theme

espn.wav   322kb

Foghorn Leghorn: the fllook sound works great as an event sound and the other FL file is just funny.

fllook[1].wav   24kb                                   rattack[1].wav    137kb

Monday Night Football theme (No its not that cheesy shit with Hank Jr. its the original)

mnfootbl.wav   51kb

Both of these sets of sounds work well for minimizing and maximizing event sounds

saber2on[1].wav  32kb     saberoff[2].wav   32kb   (obviously a  light saber being turned on\off)

transforming.wav   5kb      transforming2.wav  5kb   (transformers transforming)

The Knight Rider theme

knight.wav   185kb


wassup.wav   53kb

Transformers theme circa 1985

transformers theme.wav   173kb

Here are a couple of originals that I have mixed

A mix of Korns bagpipes, Neo from the Matrix , and the Knight Rider theme (this is what I use for start up music)

howtobegin2.WAV   359kb

These are a couple of E-mail notifications that I made, give em' a listen.

fortunemail2.WAV   223kb           krustymail.WAV   126kb