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Wrestling Sounds
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I hope to expand this page greatly in the future or branch it off to its own web site but for now this is all I have. 

The best mic. man in the business. These files are must listen if your a Scott Steiner fan.

poppa pump.mp3   73kb   poppa pump2.mp3   30kb   poppa pump 3.mp3   32kb

Not my favorite wrestler but you can't deny his mic. skills.

doggbother.mp3   379kb  finally.mp3   131kb   Itdoesntmatter.mp3   225kb

millions.mp3   162kb   monkeysnipple.wav   95kb   rocklayeth.mp3   76kb

wcwjoke.wav   565kb

One of the most entertaining wrestlers in the business.

livinghell.wav   65kb   trashbagho.wav   205kb   y2j.wav   194kb


Some stick work from the greatest of all time Ric Flair

flair001.wav   111kb

A little slip up from Mean Gene

gene1.wav   22kb

Speaking of little listen to what The Body had to say about Hogan.

little hogan.wav   89kb

Raven's catchphrase

ravenwhat.wav   70kb